BEER 2021


The Government has announced a further National lockdown to control the spread of the COVID virus across the UK. For many pubs it will not be possible to operate under the latest measures and given the anticipated timeline associated with these restrictions. It is once again necessary to consider how to handle beer that will be out of date and unsaleable once pubs are able to re-open.

The decision has been taken by those brand owners who supported the Return Your Beer platform under the first lockdown to re-open the site for licensees to request permission to destroy beer or cider that will become unsaleable due to the current restrictions. Once permission has been obtained, the platform is also used to provide the necessary evidence of destruction.

Not all brands will be available on the platform immediately but more will be added over the coming weeks. It will be important to ensure that before submitting a claim you confirm that the brands concerned are listed. As more brands are re-introduced this information will be updated via the latest updates on this website.

As before, it will also be necessary to consider any environmental risks associated with beer destruction. Licensees should always consider whether it is possible to divert unsaleable beer for alternative uses, such as for agricultural/commercial animal feed.

You should discuss this and any available options for retrieval or alternative use with your supplier before destroying beer, including any need to seek permission from local water companies and particularly where volumes are greater than that which might be associated with normal operational wastage i.e. cleaning of the dispense system. Further details on this will be updated as necessary.



this link will take you to the website, however for ease the below is a list of brewers involved.  Also, read on below for more detailed information.

Carlsberg / Marston’s





KBE Drinks

Camden Town Brewery


Timothy Taylors

Budweiser Budvar




Robinsons Brewery

Diageo are not on this platform, you should use this link below;


Effective from Monday 1st February 2021 customers will be able to register Asahi and Fullers brands on the BBPA Return Your Beer (RYB) - website.

As with the scheme in 2020 a profile can be created for a venue on the platform. The website guides through the process of registering permissions and correctly recording the destruction of beer in outlet.  Given the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the current restrictions, Asahi & Fullers keg/cask brands with a Best Before Date up to 30th April 2021 can be registered.

At this stage only Kegs / Casks with a Best Before Date after 1st November 2020 and up to 28th February 2021 will be eligible for credit, subject to Asahi UK approval and meeting HMRC’s conditions of the RYB scheme. As and when current UK Government restrictions change, we will review our position on the remaining registered kegs / casks in line with these announcements and communicate these to you in due course.

  • Full – Un Broached Kegs & Casks – Full Credit Beer & Duty 

  • Open – Broached Kegs & Casks – Duty Only 

Regarding Route to Market – Distributors ‘Stock in Depot’ - we are working to find a suitable solution. Asahi account handlers will be in contact with customers to discuss this in more detail.

If you are unable to reach your regular account handler at Asahi at this time, feel free to respond directly to their dedicated mailbox and they will endeavour to help in any way they can:

Heineken UK


Contact: 0345 300 7275



HUK request that retailers log kegs and casks in cellar up to the end of April. Currently reviewing retailer requests to destroy kegs and casks of beer and cider with a BBD up to the end of February. They will review the period for which they will consider requests to destroy in line with government guidance. Only unbroached kegs and casks will be considered for credit. No credit or duty reclaim for broached containers.

Carlsberg / Marston’s

Contact Marston’s customers:     

Carlsberg customers:


At this stage, CMBC will provide full credit for all un-opened kegs and casks delivered on or after 1st October with a best before expiry date between 5th November and 28th February (aligned with national lockdown dates). To raise a claim please visit  Where you have previously raised a claim you will be able to use existing log in details, or register as a new user. The website is open to claims for CMBC product from 1st February 2021.

Please do not dispose of kegs until advised to do so via notification from the website. Before destruction you will need to ensure you have appropriate authorisation from your water authority and ensure you record photographic evidence of destruction (full details and guidance as to what is required is on the FAQ section of the website).

At this stage, they also encourage you to register kegs with best before dates up to and including 30th April 2021. This will allow them to process any further claim if Government guidance changes. For credit to be approved, the required evidence must be uploaded onto the website and your trade account must be up to date.

No credit or duty reclaim will be possible on open kegs or cask or any packaged product. Kegged product supplied to you by CMBC from other brand owners will be credited only where the third-party brand owner passes credit to CMBC. Request for credit for these kegs should be included in your claim with the exception for any claims for Diageo product (Guinness / Hop House 13) which should be registered through their own separate claims website: 


At the point of re-opening, in date kegs which remain unopened and have been stored correctly during lockdown will be saleable. Kegs with a shelf life beyond the end of April do not therefore need to be registered at this stage.


In light of the latest position and the extended enforced closure of our sector, they will now revert to crediting the full value of the stock purchased on all un-broached (full) containers, subject to the following criteria: -

  • Adherence to all the relevant commercial terms of your current agreement with Molson Coors.

  • An up to date trade account

  • Accurate completion of the RYB claim (i.e. customer details, container information, photographic evidence) only for stock that will go out of date on or before 3rd March 2021. They will review this date in due course, in line further Government announced changes to restrictions.

  • They will validate the volume claim and credit for stock delivered in your last 2 orders before you were forced to close


Any claims already submitted do not need to be re-submitted – these will be simply now be processed as full credits.  There will not be any credit for part / broached containers. They have a dedicated Customer Service team to support you with your claim through the Return Your Beer process. They can be contacted on 0345-6000-888, Option 2 or email This specialist team should be your primary contact, rather than your regular account handler, as most of the field based teams are furloughed.